How much do tickets cost? 
Ticket Prices are $12 for adults and $8 for children. Children five years of age are admitted for free. All seats are general admission and tickets are available at the gate.

Where is the pageant located?
Our physical address for the pageant grounds are 43387 Rose Lane, De Smet, SD  57231.  We are 1/2 mile east of De Smet and 1/8 mile south.

Can I use a credit card to purchase tickets and concessions?
We accept credit cards in our What-Not Shop, but not in our concession stand or at the gate for tickets.  Tickets can be purchased with a credit card the day of the show at the Ingalls Homestead.  

What kind of seating is available? 
All seats are general admission. We provide wooden benches. If you prefer, you may bring your own lawn chairs and/or blankets.

Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?
No, there is plenty of seating in our open air amphitheater and advance tickets are not necessary. 

Is the pageant handicapped accessible? 
The pageant is held outdoors on unpaved ground. If you or anyone in your party is in a wheelchair or requires mobility assistance, please inform someone at the gate who will be happy to assist you. 

Are there restrooms on the pageant grounds? 
Yes, there are public restrooms located on the pageant grounds. 

Can I videotape the pageant? 
No, videotaping of the pageant is not allowed, but you may take still photos. 

What happens if it rains? 
In case of rain, there will be a 30 minute delay, after which the pageant will continue if at all possible. If the show must be cancelled, ticket refunds are available if a ticket stub is provided. The refund is available only if the first act is not completed. 

Since the pageant is an outdoor event, are there any special considerations I should make to ensure a comfortable evening? 
We encourage visitors to bring insect repellent, blankets, and a jacket. Even in the summer, a prairie evening can be cool. You may also wish to bring your own lawn chairs.  Our on-site seating is benches with no backs.